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About the Podcast


Shannon Bailey Grace is the creator and host of the Indie podcast Ghost and Grub. Experiencing countless, unexplained phenomena as a young girl, she developed a strong interest in the paranormal that carried on through adulthood and still remains today.

Ghost and Grub explores the most haunted restaurants, bars, and hotels throughout the U.S. and beyond. Like food, ghost stories bring us together, allowing us to share our culture, connect with, and learn from one another. And, when these elements are combined, the result is a unique experience to which nothing else compares. 

Shannon Bailey Grace is a storyteller, haunted travel enthusiast, and the creator of the Ghost and Grub podcast. Shannon specializes in creating entire trips out of visiting strange and haunted spaces in one, central location. She has an MA in English literature and teaches research writing at the college level. Shannon's research areas are the ghost story, folklore of the supernatural, and ghosts as a commodity. She has been a guest on several podcasts and spoken at numerous literary conferences.